We intend to funnel people toward already existing groups that match their location or interests, and also create new teams organically as people sign up who have shared affiliations and skills.

Start by filling out this form (it takes about 5 minutes).

If you have something in common with several other people who sign up, you will get an email saying something like “You are one of 10 people who shared an interest in ____.  Would you like to be connected to discuss how to promote the campaign amongst others who share that interest?” Then you can opt in or out. 

What will the teams do? 

They will communicate with each other to amplify the key messages within their networks and turn out more votes. 


  • Share information about the election
  • Increase registrations and blue votes amongst their network
  • Fundraise
  • Amplify buzz about the campaign amongst their networks, such as sharing interviews, memes, and events on social media

Teams can decide for themselves how to best reach and communicate with their target group. 

We will keep the Educate pages up to date with information about the race, talking points from the campaign, and news, so that teams have a reference point. But you can’t go wrong with fundraising and sharing the Key Information.

Current Teams

Latinx Voter Outreach coordinating with grassroots Latinx groups to support the campaigns

VoteTree: A voter engagement public art project taking place in Atlanta. People are invited to join in the installation most afternoons weather permitting at the garage behind the StudioPlex (22 Airline St. SE). Mask up. Artists can submit panels to contribute. For more info message Jacqueline von Edelberg

Students for Ossoff/Warnock S4OssoffWarnock (not affiliated with organizers of this site)

StudentsforTomorrow (not affiliated with organizers of this site)