DIY Fundraiser

Choose a fun remote event that you would like to host–use your talents!

  • Dance Party
  • Movie night
  • Yoga class
  • Trivia night
  • Baking night/Cooking show
  • Gaming event
  • Virtual concert
  • Workout
  • Open Mic
  • Meditation
  • Lecture/talk/discussion
  • Craft activity
  • Murder mystery
  • Storytelling event
  • Book Club

Invite your network

Tell attendees about the importance of the election and the key upcoming dates for Georgia voters (whether you are in Georgia or not–people know people!).  This document has key information to share. Feel free to tailor it to your audience. Promote the fundraising and volunteering links for the grassroots organizations and the campaigns. You can also use Warnock’s grassroots fundraising captain link for your fundraising.

Give your guests a list of recommended orgs to follow and amplify on social media. Ask guests to share on their social media–whether it is groups to donate to, volunteer for, or to follow and amplify. Allow some time for them to spread this information during the fundraiser, so they don’t forget. 

Invite your attendees to get active and create their own fundraisers and outreach. Connect them back to this page. 

You can do this from anywhere on the planet (but only U.S. citizens can donate to the campaigns–non-U.S. citizens can donate to the grassroots organizations)

What kind of support could you use to make this happen? Planning buddy? Remote hosting help? Promotions help? Let us know and we will see if we can hook you up with volunteers. Did you do one? Let us know!

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